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Enterprise-Grade Proxy Servers: Scalable Solutions for Premium Performance

30M IPs from 195+ global locations
Extremely stable proxies - 99.7% uptime
Custom plan available to fit your needs

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Our Products

Webshare offers 3 different types of proxy products; Proxy Server (Datacenter), Static Residential, and Residential Proxy. Find what fits best for your needs.



Fast proxy servers combined with affordability.
Starting at
Most affordable datacenter proxies
100k+ IPs from 50+ countries
99.97% Uptime



High speed residential proxies with unlimited bandwidth.
Starting at
Comcast, RCN, AT&T, Sprint & more
1 Gbps+ Speed
Up to unlimited bandwidth
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Residential proxy from real residential devices. Best for small bandwidth.
Starting at
30 millions+ real residential IPs
195 countries
Less than 1 second connect times
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Webshare® Proxy Server Extension

Connect Webshare proxy server to your Chrome browser.

Effortless setup – plug and play!
Direct proxy list access via extension
Start free, no strings attached

Built for Your Needs

Pricing Intelligence
Webshare proxies will enable you to take your pricing intelligence to the next level. Implement price analysis, ecommerce scraping & take advantage of public product price data.
Webshare is a trusted Proxy provider among Ad Verification & Monitoring service providers. Our global proxy network will serve your technical needs.
Social Media
Proxies for social media account management, anonymous browsing and scraping are extremely popular among our users.
Public Data
Gather publicly available data for your business needs with the help of proxies. Conduct marketing, SEO or financial research without errors.
Reputation Management
Manage business or personal reputation at scale with assistance of proxies. Conduct continuous brand monitoring & market research.

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