Enabling Access to Data

Webshare is the technology leader in lawful-use
enterprise proxy services, enabling deep data
collection, aggregation, and analysis for
businesses across the globe.

Business from Fortune 500 companies to consultants rely on Webshare for assured availability to market
research, price comparison, data aggregation,
malware analysis and more.

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How is Webshare different?

Webshare Software is a trusted USA, California based technology company founded in 2018.
Trusted Team

Located in SF Bay Area, California our team is dedicated to help you business success. All of our technology is developed in-house and we never rely on untrusted technology partners.

Privacy First

All of your information and proxy activity is private and never shared with 3rd parties. Unlike many other proxy providers, we never route your sensitive business traffic over compromised servers or residential devices.

Cyber-security Experts

Operating a proxy network requires in-depth cyber-security industry experience. Our founders have successfully founded cyber-security companies which partnered with Fortune 100 and major USA defense contractors.

Technology Driven

Webshare holds multiple key patents in building fast, safe and scalable proxy servers. Our technology-driven approach is transforming the network proxy industry to enable data access to businesses.

Secured with Webshare on About us page

Secured with Webshare

Webshare operates all of its underlying trusted proxy infrastructure. Your traffic is never routed through compromised servers or residential endpoints.

All of your proxy activity is encrypted and protected at all times.

  • Encrypted & Authorized
  • Trusted Proxy Endpoint
Machine Learning Driven

Real-time Protection

Webshare implements AI/ML driven real-time anti-fraud processes to block high-risk users
and activities. Webshare processes over 250B unique data points every month to provide safe and compliant business proxy network.

  • AI & ML Driven
  • Secure & Compliant
Global Proxy

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