Verified Proxy Benefits

Superb reliability and speed for affordable price
99% Success Rate
Verified proxies are extremely reliable. Each IP has been checked and verified to work at accessing selected target websites. This pool of premier IP addresses is continuously updated and proxies are constantly added or removed.
Fast Response Time
Are you looking to switch from residential proxies because of their speed? Verified proxies are the solution. It uses premium datacenter proxies, thus they are much faster than residential proxies, while maintaining >99% success rate.
No Integration Required
Using Verified proxies is as simple as using datacenter or residential proxies, thus you do not need to edit your web automation setup to accommodate these proxies.
40+ Countries
Choose from 40+ countries for your Verified proxy connection location. Feel free to use the most common locations like USA, UK, Germany or use niche locations to simulate authentic user connections.

Elite scraping with 99% success rate

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Easy to Use  Verified Proxy

Easy scraping setup with our Proxy Dashboard and learning resources.
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Proxy dashboard

Upgrade or downgrade your proxy plan as you go. Create advanced configurations or simply use the proxy list for your networking needs.

Quick rotating proxy setup

Use our Rotating Proxy Endpoint for an easy rotating proxy setup.

Extensive Help guides

Visit our help section for the most common questions related to your account’s proxy server setup.

API documentation

Advanced users can take a full advantage of extensive Webshare Proxy API documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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