MoreLogin Proxy Integration Tutorial: 2 Methods Explained
Updated on
August 24, 2023

MoreLogin Proxy Integration Tutorial: 2 Methods Explained

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Table of Contents

In this article we will cover what MoreLogin is, then, we will shortly cover two different ways to set up a proxy on MoreLogin services - single proxy setup for light users or batch proxy setup for heavy users. Let's get started!

What is MoreLogin?

MoreLogin is an anti-detection browser that enables users to create and manage multiple browser profiles from a single device. Each browser profile is configured with a unique fingerprint to mimic user behavior, helping avoid detection and bans while browsing the web. Additionally, MoreLogin simplifies various tasks for affiliates by automating processes like adding extensions, bookmarks, home pages, tags, and groups to all profiles.

MoreLogin has many potential applications including affiliate marketing, e-commerce, cryptocurrency & NFTs, multi-account social media marketing, traffic arbitrage, ticketing, and more.

Before starting

In order to use more than 2 profiles on MoreLogin make sure to upgrade your plan as the free option supports up to 2 profiles per account. Use coupon code Webshare10 to get a 10% discount for your order.

To set up Webshare proxies on MoreLogin, you will need an account on Webshare. We offer 10 premium proxies for free for newcomers so make sure to sign up and take advantage of this offer. No coupon codes or credit cards will be needed - 10 free proxies will be assigned to you automatically. Create a Webshare account.

How to set up a single proxy in MoreLogin?

Setting up a single proxy on your MoreLogin account will take 6 simple steps:

1. Download MoreLogin

Download MoreLogin by clicking the Download button on the right top button of the official website.

Step 1 - Download MoreLogin

2. Create New profile

After installing and registering, press on + New profile on the left top side of the App. MoreLogin will generate unique fingerprints for each profile, making sure of profile exclusiveness.

3. Fill out Basic information

Navigate to the Advanced create tab. Fill out Basic information fields. These settings will not impact your proxy connection, feel free to configure and name these as you like.

4. Choose Proxy type

Then, continue to the Proxy settings tab. Under Proxy Option, choose Custom Proxy type.

All Webshare proxies support HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols. For illustration purpose, we will be using the HTTP protocol since MoreLogin is mostly used for browser traffic. It will do great, since HTTP proxies can handle HTTP/HTTPS requests which are often used for retrieving information via web browsers.

Step 4 - Select Connection protocol type

5. Fill proxy configuration fields

What you set up here mostly depends on what proxy you prefer to use - rotating or static. For the majority of users static IP address proxies will do just fine, and they should be cheaper in the end as they will use fewer IP addresses in total.

For users who are accessing websites with anti-proxy network measures, it may be best to look at either Residential proxies or buying more datacenter proxies and using IP rotation.

Static IP address configuration

Static IP address proxies include Datacenter proxies and Static residential proxies. We will need some additional information in order to setup Proxy connection - you will find all the needed information in your account’s proxy list page.

Proxy type (Internet protocol): HTTP or SOCKS5.

IP/Host: Proxy Address number (e.g. as noted in your account’s proxy list.

Port: Specific number (e.g. 7492).

Example configuration for static IP address proxy:

Step 5.1 - Example static proxy setup on MoreLogin

Rotating IP address configuration

Rotating IP address proxies include Datacenter proxies and Residential proxies. Rotating IP address proxy configuration can be configured using our Rotating Proxy Endpoint. Every user has access to this Endpoint.

Proxy type (Internet protocol): HTTP or SOCKS5.

IP/Host: Domain Name field (e.g.

Port: Proxy Port field (e.g. 80).

In order to use country-specific rotating IP addresses, make sure to configure country settings in your Rotating Proxy Endpoint configuration page. You can select preferred countries by clicking the ‘Filter by Country’ button under Proxy Country.

Please note that by changing your Proxy country, your Proxy username field will change too which will be needed for the next step, so make sure to update it to correct values.

Example configuration for rotating IP address proxy:

Step 5.2 - Example rotating proxy setup on MoreLogin

6. Test your connection

Click Proxy detection to test if your proxy is working. If everything is well you will receive a positive message. In case you receive errors, double-check your configuration to make sure you did not make any mistakes in the setup process.

Step 6 - Test Proxy connection on MoreLogin

7. Start using MoreLogin with a proxy

Press Start to launch a new browser profile.

When the browser profile loads, Chromium based browser will pop up, which can be used for your tasks.

You can click on the MoreLogin information tab in the browser to double-check if the information is the same as you setup previously (most importantly - the IP address).

Step 7 - Using MoreLogin with a Proxy connection

How to set up batch proxies in MoreLogin

Now that you have figured out how to add a single proxy to MoreLogin, you might be wondering how to add multiple proxies simultaneously, especially if you're handling several tasks that require different IPs. The bulk addition can save you considerable time and effort.

Before starting the setup, there are a couple of things to note:

  • If the proxy type is not filled, the default type is HTTP.
  • Bulk proxies support four proxy types: HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, SOCKS5.
  • One proxy per line, up to 100 proxies can be added at a time.
  • The fields in the proxy information are not allowed to contain "@" or ":" symbols, which will cause parsing exceptions; if such data exists, please use [Add Proxy-Single Add] function to add.

Let’s continue to bulk proxy setup.

1. Prepare your proxies list: Before you start, ensure that you have your proxies listed in a .txt or .csv file. The most basic format is:


For instance:

The easiest option for Webshare users is to simply head to their account’s Proxy list page and click the Download button. Proxy configuration will be downloaded in a text file format - simply open the text file, copy all the contents and head to Step 2.

For a more advanced setup to select a specific Proxy type or other fields, make sure to use MoreLogin’s official reference or these two templates (Proxy Host and Proxy Port are required):

Proxy type://Proxy host:Proxy port:Proxy account:Proxy password[Refresh URL]{Group};


Proxy type://Proxy account:Proxy password@Proxy host:Proxy port[Refresh URL]{Group};

2. Navigate to Proxy Service: Open MoreLogin dashboard, expand the left sidebar and press Proxy Service.

3. Access bulk configuration: Locate and click on the Add proxy button, from drop-down menu click batch add.

4. Paste your proxies: Copy and paste the proxy text file contents directly to the text box on MoreLogin. Proxy table slightly lower on the page should populate with your proxies. It will look similar to this, if you are using a basic setup:

Example Batch proxy setup for MoreLogin

5. Test proxies: It's a good practice to test your proxies after uploading. Click on the proxy detection button to test configuration. If there are any issues with any of the proxies, MoreLogin will notify you. You can also see test results for each individual proxy in the Test results column.

6. Finalize the setup: Click OK. Your bulk proxies are now ready to be assigned to various browser profiles.

And that’s it, by now you are able to set up proxies on More Login using two different methods - individually and using batch functions. You are also able to use different types of proxy IP addresses - Rotating or Static.

We would like to remind you that you can set up a free account on Webshare without a credit card and start using 10 premium proxies for free. It’s a great way to test out MoreLogin services, make sure to use the offer while it lasts!

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