Webshare Proxy Extension For Chrome is Live!
Updated on
June 6, 2024

Webshare Proxy Extension For Chrome is Live!

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Introducing the Webshare Chrome Extension - your new companion to use your account’s proxies in seconds like never before.

Let’s break down the extension in more detail, go over the key features, and teach you how to start using it right away.

Overview & Benefits

By leaving all the regular proxy configuration processes to be handled by the extension, tasks such as changing your geo-location, managing passwords, ports or IPs become seamless.

The browser extension is automatically linked with your Webshare account, so once you log in, you will see all your current proxies along with their configurations intact and ready to go inside the compact version of your typical Webshare dashboard.

Note: you can only use proxies that belong to your Webshare account. You cannot use any third party proxies.

Let’s break down the key benefits of this addition.

  • Functionality: avoid geo-restrictions, IP bans, bypass CATPCHAs or scrape the Web freely. All the same offerings you get with your typical Webshare proxies are all ready to be used right in your browser.
  • Privacy: it is our #1 priority which means no selling of any browsing data whether you’re using our proxies the standard way or with the extension.
  • Flexibility: all common features of your account are found all in one place. Change the IP address, search & filter proxies, upgrade your plan right from the extension or access your full Webshare dashboard with one click.
  • Plan support: whether your plan consists of Datacenter proxies or you’re using the Residential proxy pool, the extension’s functionality will react accordingly and you’ll use it seamlessly regardless of the plan.

How to Start Using the Extension in Seconds

Getting started with the Webshare Chrome Extension only takes a few small steps. Of course, you’ll still have access to your standard Webshare account with full functionality as usual. But you will now have an additional tool to seamlessly manage your proxies anywhere on Chrome.

Here’s a quick guide on getting started.

  1. Navigate to our Browser Extension on the Chrome Store here. and click on Add to Chrome, then accept the prompt by clicking Add extension.
  1. If the extension on your browser is not visible - no worries! It’s simply hidden. In the top right corner of your browser, click the Extensions button which is to the left of your profile picture.

Then, find the “Webshare” extension, click the pin icon next to it and it will now become visible.

  1. Click on the Webshare extension logo and choose Login (if you have an account) or Create Account (if you’re new to Webshare).

You’ll be able to register with an email and password or simply connect your account with Google if you prefer it that way.

  1. You’re set! After logging in/registering, you’ll see that the extension will say “No proxies connected” at the top. This means that you are currently not connected to any proxy.
  1. Right below that, for new users, your 10 free proxies will appear, each with flags and IP’s based on their geo-location. You can connect to either one instantly by clicking Connect next to the desired IP.

You can also filter your proxies by country or IP by clicking Filter in the top right corner.

  1. Once you’re connected to a proxy, the status message at the top will change to the connected proxy details. You can disconnect and switch to another proxy in seconds at any time.
  1. If you see a green dot over the extension’s icon in your browser - your proxy is connected and working as intended. If you see a red dot instead - there might be an issue with connectivity. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the proxy again.

Get 10 Free Proxies & Become More Efficient

That covers what you need to know to get started with the Webshare Chrome Extension. For users new to our proxy solutions - start here or right inside the extension. You’ll receive 10 free proxies along with 1 GB monthly bandwidth to use as long as you want.

Feeling ready to step up to the next level? You can do that right in the extension - click on Account in the bottom right corner, then Change Plan and see what your options are to improve proxy speed, reliability, and unlock many powerful features.

Your feedback on the extension is greatly appreciated as that’s what drives us to innovate and improve it over years to come, so don’t hesitate to fire away!

And if you have any questions about Webshare’s proxies and/or the extension - our support team is ready to assist you in any way possible.

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