Proxy Servers

You don't have to use legacy and slow Squid servers anymore. Webshare proxy is crafted in-house to optimize latest hardware features.

Fast Proxy Server

Proxy Benchmarks

Every proxy is benchmarked every 5 minutes by an external service.
If the performance drops below 500Mbps, our network team is dispatched.
Fastest Proxies

Our servers are optimized to handle fast traffic from all around the world. All proxies have dedicated Gigabit line to connect to internet.

Constantly Monitored

Our network team is always watching the performance of the proxies. We detect network issues or slowdowns in less than 5 minutes and resolve them. is a speed testing website owned by Netflix. Our tests show that download performance is between 800Mbps and 950Mbps. is the most common benchmark tool available. Our tests show that download performance is between 500Mbps and 750Mbps.

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