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Free proxies include all features in paid plans. Upgrade to get more proxies and bandwidth. Available in Light/Dark mode.

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Try before you buy. Upon signing up, you will receive 10 free premium proxies.
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Get your 10 free proxy list right away. Each month, you will receive free bandwidth. No credit cards are required.
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Not just free but also powerful! Use all the paid plan features for free. Only upgrade if you really need to.
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You can integrate free proxies with any program which accepts HTTP or Socks5 proxy. All of our free proxies are fully anonymous.
Fully Private
Your daily proxy activity is safe with us. Your private information is never shared with 3rd parties.

Get your hands on a free HTTP proxy that works with any program that supports HTTP protocol. These proxies are designed to prevent detection through methods like DNS leaks, header leaks, and open port scans.

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Our free-of-charge SOCKS5 proxies are guaranteed to work with any application that supports the SOCKS5 protocol. Additionally, just like free HTTP proxies, they are optimized to avoid detection.

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