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Webshare's Ethically Sourced Residential Proxies

Importance of ethical residential proxy sourcing

Out of all the proxy types, residential proxies stand out as the most sensitive to the mistreatment and violations of ethics. It is due to the fact that most residential proxies are created by routing internet traffic through physical devices, which are generally owned by regular people.

Webshare’s respect for the rights of each residential proxy network participant is reflected in our company's internal policies regarding the entire procurement process. All Webshare residential proxies come from one of these sources:

Physical user devices
Consenting and fully aware individuals become a part of a residential proxy network in return for a financial reward or some other benefit. When they choose to participate in our suppliers’ pools, they consent that a part of their internet traffic and a small amount of the device’s hardware resources will be used for a variety of business cases.
Internet Service Providers (ISP)
It is considered to be a less ethically-sensitive alternative to residential proxy acquisition because ISP residential proxies do not require the end-user participation. These proxies are created when the internet traffic is routed through the ISP network.

Webshare’s standards for residential proxy acquisition

Webshare has established a grading system for all non-ISP residential proxy acquisition practices prevalent in the industry. These categories are defined by user-centric values which include user consent, user awareness, information clarity, and user reward.

Tier A
Financial Rewards
Clear information
User awareness
User consent
Tier B
*Limited Financial Rewards
Clear information
User awareness
User consent
Tier C
Financial Rewards
Clear information
User awareness
User consent
Tier F
Financial Rewards
Clear information
User awareness
User consent
Tier Unknown
Financial Rewards
Clear information
User awareness
User consent
A platform/app rewards in the monetary value end-users in exchange for participation in the residential proxy network
A platform/app clearly informs and asks permission to include the end user in the residential proxy network
A platform/app has hidden functions and misleading or confusing consent forms, which turn the end-user into an exit node.
A malware automatically connects end-users to the residential proxy network
Resellers of other residential proxy providers. No ethical commitments
Example Providers
Oxylabs, Webshare
Bright Data
IPRoyal, SOAX, Netnut
Proxyscrape, Geonode

*Tier B providers may or may not offer direct payments to some of its proxy network participants. When direct payment is not paid to proxy network participants, Tier B providers may offer direct payment 3rd parties (e.g. app developers).

In these cases, the proxy network participants may receive some other benefits from the 3rd parties.

“Webshare’s proxy network is composed of Tier A model proxies and ISP providers.”

Webshare’s residential proxy management policies

User privacy
Webshare requires proxy providers to protect end-users' privacy. The company receives only those data points which are essential for proxy functionality.
User care
Webshare providers must ensure that the performance of all actively used devices will remain unaffected.
Data modification
When Webshare clients send a request, destination servers receive requests exactly as they are sent to us. We do not modify any data as it goes through our machines. 
Supplier vetting
Webshare has established a strict vetting process for all residential proxy providers. It consists of a set of explicit contractual obligations for our partners which ensures end-user awareness and explicit consent.


Webshare’s core values are at the foundation of each major business decision. They encompass everything from the way residential proxies are sourced to the way Webshare treats its trusted business partners. Our company will continue to bring value to both businesses and end-users while at the same time striving to become the most ethical version of itself. Webshare pledges to safeguard its policies regarding fairness, transparency and ethics through continuous self-education and implementation of the best industry practices. The greatest Webshare’s vision is to see the entire industry evolve towards trust-based sustainable practices for all parties involved, where complete end-user awareness, fairly received consent, and user reward would be a business rule, not an exception.