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Enterprise-Grade Proxy Servers: Scalable Solutions for Premium Performance

30M IPs from 195+ global locations
Extremely stable proxies - 99.7% uptime
Custom plan available to fit your needs

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Dashboard Features

We continuously gather your feedback to make the dashboard work for you
Setup any proxy type. Datacenter and Residential proxy support. Static, Rotating and Dedicated IP supported too.
Track Analytics
Useful dashboards to check your plan usage and proxy success rates with Bandwidth, Error Rate and Activity statistics.
Dark Mode
Use Dark or Light mode while using your dashboard interface. Interface that fits your working habits.
Fully Private
Your daily proxy activity is safe with us. Your private information is never shared with 3rd parties.

Works for Novices and Pros Alike

🛠 Customizable
🎨 Intuitive UI
💬 Feedback Driven
✅ Easy Setup

Really Customizable

Upgrade or downgrade your proxy plan as you go. Tons of custom plan options will cater to your specific individual needs. Large organizations can take advantage of sub-users.

Intuitive UI

Easily track what matters the most when using proxies - error rates, proxy activity and plan usage.(Instead of pricing could we focus more on features? I think it fits more for this specific page)

Feedback Driven

We continuously update the dashboard based on your feedback and requests. As we iterate through new versions of the dashboard, it can only get better.

Easy Setup

Navigate to your Proxy List and start using the proxies - no annoying emails, meetings or calls required. If you need help, you can find it by searching the Help Center. In case you are really stuck, just contact our Support.

A perfect choice for proxy services

The guys behind webshare proxies are doing great and I am currently enjoying their services. Cheap packages, effective support, and well structured website UI which is in no doubt a user-friendly interface. Keep up the good works! Kudos!!!

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